Caunayan Falls in Aurora

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Caunayan Falls in Barangay L. Pimentel is one of the most accessible falls in San Luis, Aurora. It is only a hundred meter walk from a dirt road.

The Falls used to spray strongly from a thick-foliage cliff but El Nino seem to take its toll on this one because the downpour of the water is a lot gentler and thinner. In fact, this has gotta be one of the gentlest falls I have seen.

The falls flow into a crystal-clear stream ringed by sandy bank. The pool is shallow making it an idyllic place for a cool swim.


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Caunayan FallsPhoto from:


Since the place is very accessible, it is a favorite picnic site for locals of San Luis and the adjacent towns of Baler and Maria Aurora as well. In fact, at the time of my visit, there are several families enjoying their lunch at the area.

Surrounding the Falls and the natural pool are large boulders and stones of different sizes which form part of an excellent water scape in the area. Water from the fool flows into these rocks forming a soothing sound that will make you wanna lie down and sleep.

The thick greenery of the cliff and the hills complemented the natural vibe of the place. Fresh air, clear waters, lovely sight – just amazing.


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Caunayan FallsPhoto from:


To go there, hire a jeep or take a private vehicle from Baler town proper to Barangay Real in San Luis, where a short walk from the end of the road near the river will take you to the falls. A motorcycle can take you within a couple of minutes from the falls.

With its vast landscape, San Luis in Aurora Province definitely has lots more to offer. Sadly, I only had limited time to explore the place but hopefully, I could go back there soon to explore more on the alluvial, foothill and mountain landscapes of the place.


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