Mt. Malinao – A Volcano That Helps Generate Electricity p.2






Mt. Malinao is the second of the ‘Magayon Trio’ – the three beautiful mountains of the province of Albay. Of course, the first and by far the most famous is no less than the famous Mayon, where the very concept of Bicolano beauty derives. Malinao, as its name in various Filipino languages denote, means ‘clear’ and likely it is the clarity of the mountain’s waters that is described in the appellation. A striking example is Vera Falls, at the slopes of Mt. Malinao, itself a beautiful destination.

A lush forest surrounds Mt. Malinao, but prior to this, abaca plantations are encountered, a sight very typical of the hinterlands of Bicol. The forest is quite dense, reminiscent of Mt. Isarog. Although there are several peaks on the caldera rim of Mt. Malinao (being an old volcano), the usual trek only goes to the first peak, because of security concerns. –




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