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Robert Cornelius “Bobby” Murphy (born July 19, 1988) is an American Internet entrepreneur and engineer. He is the co-founder and the CTO of the American Multinational technology and social media company Snap Inc., which he created (as Snapchat Inc.) with Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown while they were students at Stanford University.

He was named as one of “100 Most Influential People in 2014” by Time magazine. In 2015, Murphy was first listed and became the second youngest billionaire in the world by Forbes.

Robert Cornelius Murphy, popularly known as Bobby Murphy, was born on July 19, 1988 in Berkeley, California. The son of Filipino mother Rosie L. Go-Murphy and American father Richard Cornelius M, Murphy Jr. His parents are both government employees in California. On his mother’s side, he has Filipino and Chinese descent, and on his father’s side, he has English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. His mother grew up in the Philippines, and emigrated from the Philippines to the United States.

Murphy grew up in Berkeley, California. He was educated at School of the Madeleine, a private Catholic grade school in Berkeley. He received his secondary education at Saint Mary’s College High School, also a private Catholic high school in Berkeley. He graduated in 2010 from Stanford University in Stanford, California, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical and Computational Science.



He is the co-founder of Snapchat and CTO of Snap Inc.

Since co-founding Snapchat in 2011, Murphy has led Snap’s engineering, product, and research teams including the recently launched Spectacles, which are wearable smart glasses that can capture video and photos and send them to the user’s Snapchat account. Murphy once told Forbes “We weren’t cool. So we tried to build things to be cool,” referring to his college days. He remains the author of much of the Snapchat app code to this day.


Murphy is a native of California. He resides in Venice, California, where he bought a $2.1 million two-bedroom house located close to Snapchat’s new offices at 63 Market Street in Venice, CA. He was recently recorded as the 1,250th richest person in the world, by Forbes Magazine, in 2015. In 2015, Murphy ranked #14 U.S. Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40. As of 2016, he was ranked #374 on the Forbes 400 and in 2015 he was also #374. He has maintained a decidedly low profile since the beginning of Snapchat.

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