Lake Danao, Guitar-Shaped Lake in Leyte

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Lake Danao is a guitar-shaped lake on the island of Leyte, Philippines in the province of Leyte.  Lake Danao is the smaller of the two lakes located in Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park in the southern part of Negros Oriental, Philippines; the other being Lake Balinsasayao.

The lake supports a rich fish fauna, including a number of introduced species. The surrounding dipterocarp forest is rich in bird life.

 All 700 hectares of fresh water, it is the biggest and the only natural lake in Cebu. Home to the purple heron and the Philippine wild duck, the lake is a government-designated bird sanctuary. You can take a boat and picnic at the lake’s islet, or fish for tilapia and have it grilled at Green Lake Park or Lake Danao Park afterwards. –


lake danao park



lake danao park



The lake is about 2,600 feet above sea level. Its cool green waters harmoniously blend with the evergreen forest of the surrounding hills. Its surrounding forests is rich in flora and fauna, a panorama of unspoiled nature. The plateau overlooking the lake accentuates the beauty of its shore which gleams with pebbles scattered everywhere like random polka dots thrown on a green persian carpet. With its cool atmosphere, peaceful and serene surroundings, the lake offers a wholesome feeling of security.

The Lake was adjudged as the cleanest body of water in Region 8 for three consecutive years.  – philippine


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Danao Lake is the largest and only natural lake in Cebu, this great lake can be found in one the smallest island of the Visayan region, the Camotes (from camote or sweet potato). I saw people fishing and boating around the lake, picnicking is also a favorite activity around the stunning lake.

 At the middle of the lake is a small island. The stopover was really a treat, trees reflected in the calm waters, unfamiliar birds of different colors and sizes flying freely, it was great seeing all of it – unmatched beauty period, borrowing from the  Discovery channel tag line, it is awesome. With time spent here, we all can appreciate the beauty our country possesses and preserve it for the next generation of Filipinos. Hope that people visit and support this great lake’s preservation.

Surprisingly, the lake’s park have well kept facilities! Clean toilets, trails, cottages and wooden benches – and yes, the lake is clean and it’s safe to take a dip. One of the many natural wonders of Camotes. –


lake danao park




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Considered as one of the biggest like in its immediate locality, Lake Danao surely brings an awesome view and richness from within. The place can be found in the Philippines particularly in Camotes Island located at the north western part of the Visayas. If you happen to visit Philippines and you want to enjoy a vacation that will surely lure you to a little paradise within a paradise, Lake Danao could be one.

Situated at the place not far from the sea, Lake Danao possesses a beauty that will surely amaze you.  If you look at it from afar, you wouldn’t think that it is a lake. In fact it is too huge to host little islets within it.

The place is also listed as one of the best tourist’s attraction in Camotes Island. The local government is planning to develop the place so that comfort and great service will be added to the rare beauty of the lake. –


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