“Bambanti” (Scarecrow) Festival in Isabela

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Bambanti Festival is the mother of all festivals in the province. The festival opens with merrymaking such as street dancing and float parade. Participants are dressed up in ornate costumes and body paints and gyrating to the sounds of drums, gongs, and other musical instruments displaying the rich cultural legacy and artistry of a true blooded Isabelino. During the festival, tourist and the locales will get a chance to see trade fairs, exhibits, taste of Isabela’s cuisine, arts and crafts and other cultural activities.

Bambanti Festival is a tribute for the bountiful yield despite the post harvest calamities that struck the province. This year, Bambanti Festival spells an encompassing development on tourism, trade, investment and environment, focusing on the marketing and promotion of the province of Isabela –  it’s community life, history and heritage, various indigenous world-class products, lifestyle merchandise items and cuisine. – choosephils.com


Isabela Bambanti FestivalPhoto from:  festivals.philippineculture.ph


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Bambanti Festival is the anniversary of the establishment of the civil government of Isabela in honor of Queen Isabela II. Activities like agro-industrial trade and tourism fairs, parades, sports events, beauty pageant and others are conducted to entertain visitors. – tourism.gov.ph


Isabela Bambanti FestivalPhoto from:  choosephils.com


Bambanti, the local term for a scarecrow best represents the main industry of Isabela. The human-like form dressed in old clothes placed in the middle of the rice or corn fields acts as a decoy for crows feeding on the crops. Because of the Bambanti, farmers can expect a good turnout of crops. Dubbed as the “Rice Granary of the North”, Isabela remains as an agricultural province but now evolving into one great agri-ecotourism destination in the country. Bambanti Festival showcases the bountiful harvest, the ingenuity of the people, and the unexplored beauty, that is Isabela. – facebook.com


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