Olotayan Island – A Romantic Get-Away in Roxas, Capiz Part 2

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Olotayan island is composed of four (4) different sitios: Puting Balas, Look, Sawang and Capaculan. Majority of the people in the island lives within Sawang and Capaculan sitios. The most popular among this is Puting Balas, where Olotayan Beach Resort is located. It could be found in the south-western part of the island. Puting Balas 100 meters shoreline is made up of white corals, shells and white sand. This is an excellent beach for sunrise or a picnic lunch and a very scenic or picturesque beach location.


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At present, the total population of the island is 959 more or less with 175 households. Fishing is the major industry on the island. It produces blue crabs, squid and different variety of fish. Barter system or trade still exists in the island.


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An islet in the western coastline called Magatalihan is ideal for diving. It was preserved to be a fish sanctuary of Roxas City. From this beach, you can see Napti Island and the lights from the “Peoples Park” in Baybay Beach at Roxas City during night time could be seen.


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The best time to visit Olotayan Island is during summer (March-May). Seasonal conditions can also affect the beach itself. Strong currents and dangerous shorebreaks in the mouth of Punta Cogon River could be experienced going to the island in the month of November and December in view of the typhoon season. Please check and observe the surf conditions at Baybay Beach before going to the island. Hire a bigger boat with life jackets available for the passengers at the Banica Wharf.


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Olotayan island is a good place for swimming and snorkeling during calm surf. You can also enjoy sailing, jet-skiing/flat boat riding, wind surfing, skimboarding, fishing and also seaweed harvesting. Don’t forget to bring your goggles, underwater camera, swimwear, first aid kits, foods and water supply in visiting the island.


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Text Source: capiznon.org


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