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Cabugao (locally known as Cabugao Gamay and sometimes called Cabugao Daku or Cabugao Islet) is a small, uninhabited island in northeastern Iloilo, Philippines. It is one of fourteen islands politically administered by the municipality of Carles. Along with Bantigui Island and Antonia Island, it is one of three minor southern islets in the Islas de Gigantes archipelago.

Cabugao is a small island northeast of the Panay Island coast in the Visayan Sea. It is 0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi) south of Gigantes Sur and is part of the Islas de Gigantes island group. Cabugao is a widely photographed island in Isla de Gigantes and is often part of island-hopping tours of the archipelago. It features two white sand beaches that forms like a sandbar connecting two islets.  Source




Cabugao Gamay is a small island located two kilometers off the coast of Isla de Gigantes Sur in Carles, Iloilo. Seen from afar, its peculiar shape and inherent beauty is sure to attract curiosity of most travelers. A large chunk of the island consists of a rock hill covered by thick vegetation. Its defining feature is a gorgeous white sandbar located at the northern tip of the island. Like Antonia Beach, an interesting rock formation also sits at the end of the sandbar at Cabugao Gamay. The island is surrounded at all sides by emerald green waters, perfect for swimming.  Source




Being the icon of Isla de Gigantes, Cabugao Gamay is probably the most photographed island in Gigantes Sur. Upon reaching the island, you will immediately notice its unique shape, its powdery white sand and the healthy coconut trees lined up against the blue skies.

Unlike other islands I’ve seen in various trips to beaches, islands in Gigantes have a unique shape. Cabugao Gamay looks like two islands — one bigger than the other — separated by a sandbar in the middle. Antonia Beach has a very similar shape but larger. Unlike Antonia Beach, both sides of Cabugao Gamay are good spots to swim in, with one facing the sunrise and another one facing the sunset. Source




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